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Designing the space where we live includes telling the story of our lives. Personal interpretations of beauty and symbolism reflect our experience, memories, passions, and surety. Vibrant design, then, is best achieved when we begin with the soul. Trends may give direction, but true harmony relies simply on the creation and reinforcement of what pleases us.

Objects of our Lives

Objects of Our Lives

The objects we live with help to tell our story.  Significant treasures, the jewelry we wear, and even the symbols we carry in our pockets tell of who we are and what our spirit means.  The special objects we live with are cherished for their relevance to our history, our joys, and simply that which matters to us.

At Kenneth Larson we appreciate the pursuit of quality design, artistic appeal, and tangible meaning.  We offer our signature furniture, as well as art, décor, and gifts that are of exceptional quality – worthy of becoming heirloom pieces.  We hope to engage your curiosity and excitement.

Our Products

Timeless materials of soul and durability. True essence of style, function, and grace.


Silk & Wool

The form and beauty of these natural fibers has never been surpassed. This grace generates a  sense of distinct fineness and unparalleled luxury.

Stone & Metal

The elements that help symbolize who we are.  An expression of heart, soul, and spirit.

That which touches our emotions and invigorates our senses.

With a history of 2.5 million years, knives have always been the primary tool of humanity.